While we do our best to choose the highest quality textiles to work with, due to using up-cycled, preloved, vintage or dead-stock materials, there may be slight imperfections here and there. Fabrics may have slightly loose threads or natural nubs and slubs (like in linen) but we will make sure that those small flaws will have no bearing on the overall look of the beautifully transformed garment!

All materials are washed before constructing the new item in unscented Biokleen laundry detergent. 



"These earth friendly products are handmade from our seed embedded Lokta Paper which is harvested from the Daphne Bush found high in the mountains of Nepal. The plant regenerates from the root so no forests are destroyed. This environmentally sound paper is acid free and supports a sustainable cottage industry.

Our wildflower seed blend is designed to ensure that a pleasing bouquet will grow in any region in North America. These materials can be planted directly into the dirt, in a pot, or garden. The soil should be firmed down after sowing and the seeds should not be more than 1/8 deep. They must be kept moist for 4-6 weeks and receive 4 hours of sunlight each day in order to germinate properly. Once established, you may enjoy the flowers for years to come.

Made in Nepal"