Emily Dress (Perfectly Imperfect)

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*This item is categorized as "Perfectly Imperfect", meaning that it did not come out exactly how we wanted but is still perfectly wearable, and we'd hate for it to go to waste. For that reason, we offering it at a discounted price. This particular piece has a small hole on the bottom back near the last button hole. It will be sewn up before being shipped*

This dress is a real show stopper with its vibrant colors and sleeves design! The bodice is fashioned after the Leia blouse (except a bit more tapered in the middle) and to finish it off, we've added a ruffle section to the bottom. It's a beautiful design that can be worn on many occasions!

Size: 2T

Textile(s) used: a preloved woman's skirt

Fabric content: 100% Cotton