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Add-Ons & Accessories

Beautiful, handcrafted children's wear made from preloved materials.

Hello & Thank You for making your way here, to Alf-Phi!

Alf-Phi is a sustainable, eco-friendly brand that was created in 2019 by cousins, Sarah-Marie Parish and Tia Robinson, in response to the growing concern about our environment and the toll textile waste is taking on it. We wanted to create beautiful and timeless heritage clothing from preloved and vintage materials. That means that we go and save textiles and clothing items from being discarded in a landfill and turn them into handmade items for your children. We aim to be a completely waste free and eco-conscious brand that not only creates beautiful clothing but also gives life to textiles that would otherwise be discarded. With the help of our wonderful design team and skilled seamstresses, we have created our own designs and, since we are using preloved materials, many items will be one of a kind and will hopefully become very loved and special to your family.

Our sister/partner company located in the UK, Cherished Pieces, creates bespoke clothing from a cherished clothing item that our customers provide; whether it be your grandfather’s shirt or your mom’s favorite blouse. Alf-Phi sells our branded creations from our designs but now also offers custom spots so you can have a bespoke item created for your little one!

Alf-Phi is just starting out but we have plans to do big things and we are so happy you’ve joined us for the ride! Please take a look around our site and if you have any questions, please send them to help@alf-phi.com

The Leia Blouse

The Emily Dress

The Orion Bloomers

The Valentina Dress

The Betty Jean Jumper

The Leonie-Bea Dress

The Nicole Dress

The Sofia Dress

The Arla-Ray Romper

The Massimo Shirt

The Albie Trousers

The Alexandra Dress

Traditional, heritage pieces for the newest generation!

Handmade in Los Angeles, CA